Song Stick - Native American Flutes and Music by Troy Good Medicine De Roche






About the Artist





     Troy Good Medicine De Roche has been called "the epitome of pure
beauty in sound." He strives to portray traditional values and the spiritual
nature of Native American people through music.
     Playing flutes he has carved by hand, Troy gives voice to his original
songs from the heart. No synthesizer or sampling is used, allowing the
intrinsic beauty of the flute to be heard.
    Troy is an enrolled member of the Blackfeet Nation and grew up in and
around Heart Butte, Montana, the geographic heart of the reservation. 
Steeped in the traditional values of his people, he also has experienced the
contemporary struggle. Absorbing both with equal measures of respect and
appreciation, through his music Troy honors the grounding influence of
tradition while expressing and transmuting the challenges of living in, and
between, the many sometimes conflicting modern cultures in America.
     He was given the name "Shu'k Sha'mii," which means "Good Medicine,"
for the healing powers of his music.  It had been three generations since the
elders felt someone was worthy of this powerful name.
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